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Porto Food Guide is the easiest way to savour Porto!

This guide was built for food lovers who want to fully explore the city of Porto, Portugal. This 154-page book will immerse you into Porto's gastronomic culture, and tell you all the secret places where locals love to eat. 

Porto Food Guide has won three national Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2019 as: Best Digital Book for Sale, Best Culinary Travel / Food Travel, and Best Self-Published Book. 

Using this ebook you can:

‣ Get an exclusive selection of places to eat, from taverns to cutting-edge restaurants.

‣ Feel like an insider into Porto’s food culture and traditions.

‣ Fall in love with local food, with dishes and ingredients made simple.

‣ Explore historic shops to buy genuine food and wine.

‣ Experience the charm of Porto’s food markets.

‣ Loosen up at Porto’s finest bars.

‣ Recognize the many colors and ages of port wine while you taste it.

By buying this guide you will get an instant download link to the PDF book! You can read it in all your devices: phone, computer or tablet.


‣ Divided into 7 main areas.

‣ Restaurants are organized by location, cuisine and price.

‣ 7 elegant maps so you can always know where you are. 

‣ Contains address, opening hours and price range. Fully updated for 2018.

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About the authors:

Bruno Carvalho & Maria Sena.

Two biologists made food and travel bloggers. They founded Amass. Cook. to write about gastronomy and their hometown, Porto. In 2018, Amass. Cook. won "Best Blog Promoting Portugal In a Foreign Language" by the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL). 

Official website: http://www.portofoodguide.com


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Porto Food Guide

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